Going Further after Boundless Game Jam

Hey guys, 'm here to tell you that I'm planning to re-do this properly, now that this is being sold together with Transgender Artists Bundle.

I'm not going to give you a specific date as my schedule is somewhat busy, but I plan to re-do this whole thing with better graphics, better gameplay, and better user experience.
Now, this new version will be paid, but every person who got the Transgender Artists Bundle will recieve it for free. I plan to add more worlds, make better levels, generally improve the quality of this experience and make it something a bit more interesting for everyone.

I will make it my priority to address the following issues first and foremost:

  • The game will now have an actual main menu, and levels will be accessed via a level select menu.
  • I'll put together a save system, or get some help to set up such.
  • I'll fix the balancing on many of those levels, and revamp the jam version artwork.
  • Most definetly, I'll handle the programming errors that led to the known "confused directions" bug, where the player would display incorrect direction display.
  • Buttons will no longer act like they do right now, and they'll have an actual purpose in the game. They will also become a lot less sadistic.
  • Everyone who got the game with Transgender Artists Bundle will be able to play early builds of the new version.
  • I'll try to make the game worth at least an hour of your time. Right now you'll get bored after 15 if you don't rage-quit after 5.

I can't promise you that the game will be in playable state in a month, or even two. I'm currently occupied with college education, and I have very little time to actually work on this, but I'll notify you of all major development. 

Okay, now that this is out of the way, I'll talk a bit about the experience I had with this game.

Initially, it was meant to be a joke and a riff on the jam theme. 

"Oh, look! The jam requires me to make a game controlled with a single input, but I'm going to make a game that would normally require multiple inputs! How funny is that?"

Well, it was a funny idea, but it prompted me to think about the consequences of a one-input platformer gameplay. Obviously, it's hard to get it right, and I'm still thinking about how on Earth I'll make this playable.  The one-input limtation could lead to some interesting platforming challenges where things activate and deactivate depending on whether or not the player is pressing the Spacebar or not. There's a lot to think about here.

With a premise as basic as Aroki and Wasda, the gameplay needs to be a lot more diverse. Not just underwater segments and springboards, because that gets boring quick. Maybe I'll expand Aroki's moveset with some other Spacebar inputs, maybe I'll add more objects. 

I'll contact Vassamo about making a full soundtrack for this game. Not just three tracks like here. I'll also think about getting someone to help with the sound design, to make this an even better experience.

Well, that's all for now. I'll keep you posted about anything new, and I hope that in a few months I'll be able to show you what I'm working on.


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